Wet Weather Ridin’

imageI always knew I’d ride in whatever the weather when my bike arrived.

I spent the winter riding my push bike to the station, getting the train twenty minutes up the road and then walking to the studio (I work for a branding agency).

I would spend most of that time daydreaming about my motorbike arriving.

I’d imagine what it would be like riding it in whatever the weather was doing that day, and for pretty much the entirety of November to January it rained every day.

I saw almost no one riding a motorbike, which I thought was odd, as I’d already decided I wouldn’t be able to not ride.

In the last week it’s rained an awful lot. Today was insane, there was standing water everywhere, drains were skippers. White lines were slippery. Hell, everywhere was slippery. But it was bloody good fun too!

I’ve realised it’s really down to clothing. If you’re dressed to stay warm and dry then you’ll be fine on the bike.

If you’re comfortable you’re then free to get into it.

All the while I was daydreaming before my bike, I’d researched, planned and bought all the kit I wanted.


After my first purchase – a red metal flake Biltwell Gringo S helmet – I then bought a pair of mic toe Red Wing boots. I loved them immediately (my wife hates them!) and they’re perfect on the bike. They’re built to last, the patina on them only gets better with age, and thankfully they’re waterproof!

I may be a bit of a daydreaming nerd, but it’s really paying off now!


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  1. greaseandiron says:

    So true. Love to see people riding despite the less than ideal weather. The gear really does make all the difference between getting “stuck” in the rain and enjoying the ride. I have the same moc toe boots as well and couldn’t agree more, they are the perfect thing for those rainy days. Might even consider getting a pair of the engineer boots as well since they’ve got no holes for water to sneak in.


    1. jamiehibbard says:

      Don’t tempt me with another pair ha ha!

      Liked by 1 person

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