Motorway Ridin’


Oh my life! Yesterday I rode a junction on the motorway. It was so intense it’s taken me 24 hours of processing to be able to write about it.

Obviously, when you’re training for your tests you can’t go anywhere near the motorway.

(As an aside, my instructor told me about how a guy on his test was told to, ‘take the second exit available to him,’ off a roundabout, and he foolishly started down the slip road. The exit to the motorway, of course, wasn’t available to him, and so he immediately failed. The examiner made him pull over on the hard shoulder, took his keys and buggered off back to the test centre. Hugely embarrassing.)

Anyway, once you’ve passed your test you are left with the choice of whether or not to ever ride the motorway.

Being the feet first sort of guy (idiot?) I am, I was keen to experience a motorway on a bike, so on my way home yesterday I decided to ride a stretch between just two junctions.

I figured that way I’d get to see what it was like for a very short period of time, rather than committing to any kind of real journey.

Thankfully I made the right decision!

Something else I didn’t experience much when training: wind.

Now wind, on a bike, is a right pain in the arse. It makes everything that little bit harder, that little bit colder, and a lot more annoying.

As soon as I got on the motorway, it was windy as hell, to the point where it wanted to make me change lanes.

So I was ok with the pace of motorway flow, and having driven it so much in a car for 20-odd years it felt pretty normal, but the wind kind of ruined it for me and honestly I’m in no hurry to go back to the motorway.

Not when it’s windy at least, maybe on a nice warm, sunny, calm Sunday.




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  1. Hans says:

    It gets no easier.
    I’m also on an iron. All be it with a 1250 high comp engine and a wind deflector. It’s awful. I’d only ever choose to it if it’s a good day and I know it’s heavy traffic I can filter through.


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