Riding Gear: Saint Technical jeans and vest

Ever since I first clapped eyes on the Saint branding I’ve been totally captivated by everything about them.

Trying to find jeans to wear on your bike that allow you to look like you don’t give a fuck when actually you do is my holy grail of bike wear.

So I’ve become something of a nerd for the new wave of super-tough denim.

There’s loads to choose from out there, all at vastly different prices. I’ve mostly been riding a pair of Resurgence Gear Café Racer jeans, that are hugely technical with multiple layers and armour at the knees and hips.

But they’re bloody hot to wear in summer all day – I ride to work and back – which meant I was on the lookout for something a bit less safe and a bit more wearable all day long.

Naturally I came back to Saint… there was no way I could step up to the Unbreakable jeans at 400 notes, even though judging by everything I’ve read these jeans really do seem to be somewhat indestructible.

So instead I plumped for the entry level jeans, called Technical.


Technical slim fit jeans (£145)
Now these Technicals aren’t as technical as my Resurgence jeans – there’s no multi-layers and no armour. Instead they just boast a 14oz raw denim with 6% Dyneema spun into warp and weft, which they claim makes them 5 times stronger than a standard denim of the same weight.

They aren’t part of Saint’s ride wear range either, but that extra protection sounded like what I was after for chilled summer vibe rides and all-day office wear.

The cut is a good feeling slim one. Being raw denim they obviously take a few rides to break in, but once you do they’re super comfortable and feel great on the bike.

And then I played Frisbee in them… yep, they’ve suffered the abuse of some long rides but one lunch time in the sun jumping after that spinning disc and I somehow busted the stitching right on the fly. This is the worst place to make a hole on a pair of jeans!


So overall pleased, but now also gutted. Tonight you’ll find me on the sofa with a needle and thread.



Black denim Technical Moto Vest (£167)
While looking for summer jeans I also got seduced by the idea of getting a vest. My wife hates the look of a vest, but I think if you’re bashing around on a Harley then having a vest in your go-to riding gear is pretty much a must.

And I love it!

You can see in the photos after a wash that it’s made from raw indigo denim that Saint then take and dye black. The way that is starting to get exposed gives it a nice beaten look, and honestly it’s so comfortable that I tend to end up wearing it all day long – much to the consternation of a few colleagues.

It’s also cut from the same 14oz raw denim as the jeans, meaning it’s tough and hard wearing.

I wish they’d done this Technical without a collar, but that’s a fairly personal quibble. I honestly don’t think you could get a better riding vest than this!

If you’re looking for a UK buy then The Café Racer are carrying a few items in the line, or you can order direct from Oz – they’re delivery is reliable and swift!

Just don’t go playing frisbee in the jeans…


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