You will see the captain now

7A4C86C0-7952-4699-B5CA-5FD70021CB38Captain Fawcett’s right hand man, Richie, is one of the most genuinely nice men you could ever hope to meet.

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with him last year during Harley-Davidson’s launch of the Roadster, at London’s wonderful Bike Shed.

He is a rather recognisable fellow, so I clocked him straight away, but to my surprise he made the opening salvo and said, ‘hi’.

We chatted easily about bikes and beards, and have greeted each other warmly on a few occasions since.

Now the reason I’m recalling this tale is that his newly minted Dark Custom Forty-Eight is very much the man himself: well groomed with a charm that you can’t help but smile about.

Richie created this rolling grooming salon with the assistance of Linzi Mumford, a bike customiser who Richie managed to cajole out of retirement over a mutual love on steam punk.

They pooled their ideas for this, leaning on inspiration such as 1930s racing cars, Victorian-era expedition equipment and Wild West snake oil sellers’ carts.

It all manifest in a bike that looks as though it’s rolled straight from the pages of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and as such is rather wonderful to behold.


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