I’m certainly not an authority on anything in particular, and I’m definitely not one in the world of motorbikes. The only thing I am an authority on is me, so I’m just writing this blog about my experiences with motorcycles, the things I love, and more general stuff I’m into. Who knows, something here might inspire you too?

Be warned though, this is a slow blog, so don’t bother coming back here every day, just maybe every couple of weeks or so.

If you want to ask me anything then leave a comment, or hit me up on Twitter @jamiehibbard or Instagram @jamiehibbard.



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  1. Philip says:

    Hi jamie
    Are you the same jamie that worked for mbuk? If so it’s great to see that you are doing so well I grew up with mbuk and after a major back op I’m just getting back into riding after 15 years or so and buying mbuk again it’s a shame that you are no longer writing articles for it I think it misses your style! Take care and good luck for the future.


    1. jamiehibbard says:

      It is indeed me yes! Glad to hear you’re getting back to it mate 🙂


      1. Philip says:

        Please tell me you still have that lovely yellow turner? That was always my dream bike when I was younger and still is to be honest.


  2. jamiehibbard says:

    Unfortunately not mate – it got stolen a long time ago!


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